Spiteful Brewing

Spiteful Brewing has been one of Chicago’s most beloved and consistent breweries for over 10 years. We were honored to work with the Spiteful team on refreshing their brand across two different projects — first with their Alley Time Pale Ale label, and followed by a full logo refresh.



Logo & Identity Design
Label Design

Recreating A Classic Chicago Scene

Alley Time Pale Ale has had a strong following since it was first introduced back in 2013. Its original label was a nod to Chicago bike messengers — depicting a scene meant to represent that time of day when you share a beer with your friends/co workers and unwind. While it invoked a sense of nostalgia for some, the label had its challenges.

We began exploring options for the new label, and eventually settled on an illustrated Chicago alleyway scene with bits and pieces of Spiteful’s brand iconography strewn throughout. The final label was well-received by consumers, retailers, and industry folks alike, accounting for a significant bump in their year over year sales as well.

Here were some of the issues we needed to address in our refreshed creative:

+ Should feel relatable/authentically Chicago
+ Invoke a sense of gathering
+ Have a little grittiness
+ Easy to explain and understand

Logo Refresh

Shortly after our work on Alley Time, Spiteful approached us to refresh their existing logo. They had build so much brand equity in their iconic red face, that we agreed it should stay in some form — however simplified.

The new logo is instantly recognizable as Spiteful, while still accomplishing their original asks of simplifying and modernizing the brand. The refreshed look will be rolling out around Chicago early this year and we’re stoked at how it turned out.

We began the project with some goals from the Spiteful team:

+ An updated font/type choice, it’s hard to read and feels dated
+Simplified face icon for ease of use across different applications
+ Avoid connotations of evil and excessive negativity that can come to mind for some when they see ‘Spiteful’
+ Explore other shades of red for the brand color

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