Big Star Cocktails

Big Star Cocktails came to us with a fun and open ended proposal. They wanted ideas to help promote their line of Big Star canned cocktails, with a specific word of mouth edge.


Brand Strategy
Project Management
Campaign Design
Merchandise Design
Web & Landing Page Design

Big Star is a legacy taco & honky tonk joint with two locations in Chicago known for their margaritas, compelling bartenders, and great taste in music. Its lively atmosphere is truly one of the best places to spend a sunny afternoon.

Brand Strategy Based On A Chicago Institution

Big Star Cocktails take all the energy and beverage brilliance of an afternoon at Big Star and package it into a can that’s ready to enjoy anywhere you want it.

Our task was to come up with a way to communicate that idea to consumers, and have as much fun doing so as the Big Star brand demands.

Campaign Design

The Big Star brand has an established look and feel. A little bit retro, urban, and “cool” – our design work for this campaign fit within their existing language while grabbing the attention of new and returning consumers.


We landed on a mobile Big Star Patio—a literalization of what the canned cocktails have to offer.

Built around a scratch-off giveaway, we made sure every card is a winner and built a landing page for consumers to claim their prize. From free Walking Tacos to custom limited edition bandanas and of course, the Grand Prize: A Big Star Patio Pop-Up for your home or office.

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