Other Half Brewing Company

We were tasked with bringing order, organization, and design systems to one of the most collectible breweries in the country—all while maintaining their mind-numbing number of weekly beer releases.


Creative Direction
Brand Strategy
Label Design
Packaging Design
Project Management
Merch Design
Social Media Strategy

Brand Strategy

As Other Half’s design and marketing team, we helped guide the evolution of their brand across four locations.

We set rules for the “language of Other Half” and then creative directed an army of illustrators, graphic designers, photographers, letterers, and motion graphic artists to create content and design that keeps their devoted fan base guessing, while building a cohesive brand identity.


Packaging Design For 400+ Beer Labels

Over the years, we’ve worked on an astounding number of labels, often supporting 5+ new beer releases in a single week. In order to get our brains around that cadence, we implemented tight design rules and systems. Does that beer highlight Citra? Then we use a specific shade of pink. Is it a a milk-sugar IPA? Then we incorporate a cloud icon. Does the name reference a food item? We rely on an “all over pattern” of a personified version of that food. And so on.

From there, we use a specific die cut and defined illustration style to make sure that no matter what wild idea we’re building on, it always feels unmistakably “Other Half.”

Other Half Pastrytown

Pastrytown is a beer fest in Brooklyn, NY, created by Other Half Brewing to celebrate all things sweet, sour, and stout, with their trademark wrestling thrown in for good measure. When the sweets-filled festival had to pivot from in-person to online, we pitched the theme “Saturday morning cartoons.”

Working collaboratively with Other Half we covered all the nostalgic bases, from loading up at the donut shop to action figures and VHS.

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Expanding The Other Half System With Merch Design

Other Half has a very vibrant and specific personality and there are few better places to express that personality better than in their limited-edition merch.

We built off of their iconic “OH” brand mark, by manipulating it into as many styles as we can, often bringing in notable illustrators, muralists, tattoo artists, and more to help flesh it out.

Bringing Everything To Life With Event & Campaign Design

From their wildly popular Green City IPA Festival, to the saccharine sweet Pastrytown to a Worldwide Magnum Toast, we’ve been in the room to dream up big ideas and then bring them to reality through design, video, photography and social media assets.

We’ve designed cereal boxes, collectible action figures, lunch boxes, thermoses, and even produced a 3-hour “Telethon” complete with animations, broccoli actors, commercials, interviews, and Covid-safe, audience-free wrestling matches. It’s been a ride.

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