Other Half Pastrytown

Pastrytown is a beer fest in Brooklyn, NY, created by Other Half Brewing to celebrate all things sweet, sour, and stout, with their trademark wrestling thrown in for good measure. When the sweets-filled festival had to pivot from in-person to online, we pitched the theme “Saturday morning cartoons.”

Working collaboratively with Other Half we covered all the nostalgic bases, from loading up at the donut shop to action figures and VHS.


Event Branding & Design
Merch Design
Label Design
Custom Packaging Design
Social Media Support & Design
Cartoon Animation & Scriptwriting
Website Build



When the project was all said and done, we had created:



+ Three custom, experiential boxes for the beer (Treasure Chest, Mint in Box, and Dank ‘n Bake)

+ 12 unique beer labels

+ Line of Pastrytown merchandise including six glass designs, enamel pin set, a fanny pack, and two shirt designs

+ 10-minute animated cartoon

+ Website landing page

Event Branding and Experience in the Age of Zoom

Other Half’s festivals are as much about the brand’s storytelling as they are about beer and camaraderie. When Pastry Town couldn’t provide those touch points in person, we had to create an experience to accompany the beers for people at home.

Meet Pastrytown, the Animated Series. A completely original, written, performed, and animated episode (including commercials!) filled with the cultural language, lore, and creativity that keeps Other Half fans invested.

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