Equal Parts Brewing

Equal Parts Brewing first began as Sigma Brewing in Houston, Texas. When we started working together, they had built a loyal following and strong presence in the city in their first three years on the beer scene, but wanted to rethink their name and entire brand identity. Equal Parts was born from our strategy work together and they continue to be backed by Stout for monthly strategy and design work.


Brand Strategy
Brand & Product Naming
Logo & Identity Design
Label Design
Secondary Packaging
Event Branding
Sales Assets
Social Media
Backed by Stout since 2020

We Always Start with Brand Strategy

Before jumping into naming a brewery, it’s critical to start with brand strategy sessions to develop a mission statement, brand keywords, brand pillars, as well as a voice and tone guide. “Who are we?” must be a question that everyone can answer.

Eventually, the Sigma team was guided through a workshop in which we landed on a new name for the brewery—Equal Parts. Then the stage was set to give our full creative attention to the look and feel of the brand, including a new logo and full visual identity.


Full Service Design

Since then, we’ve worked closely with the Equal Parts team as an extension of their branding and design department, establishing strategies for social media, event planning, and more, while advising the brewery on marketing, design and brand decisions.


Future Growth

Together we’ve designed labels, written brand strategies, built brand assets, worked on distributor and retailer presentations, and much more as we’ve worked together to grow their reach. Equal Parts will stand the test of time, and we’re honored to be a part of their evolution.


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