Elysian Dank Dust Website

The project seemed simple on the surface — to build a landing page that showcased Elysian’s newest beer, Dank Dust. Elysian had a name, “The Bodanka” and a wanted to highlight the beer’s trippy illustrations and late-night vibe. We took this prompt and created an online world for Dank Dust in a bodega filled with easter eggs and the sights and smells of the 90’s.


Project Management
Creative Direction
Web Design

Project Partners

SiteLogic Digital
Birds & Kings

Branding the Dank Dust Bodanka

As creative lead for the project, our team gathered the Elysian designers as well as our friends at SiteLogic Digital and Birds & Kings to first envision and then build a fully immersive digital world around the feeling of the beer. We used an early internet-style visual language and a ton of “green” references to create the digital equivalent of walking into a bodega at three in the morning looking for munchies and beer. Every creative surprise, down to the setting and details of the low-res gifs, was imagined and obsessed over by our team. Each page represents a different part of a bodega; from the classic brick exterior, to the frosted-over cooler, to the grill top.

Within six months of launching the Dank Dust site received over 60,000 page views.

Brand Collaborations

Action Bronson collaborated on this project as the “Director of Dank” and created two original munchie recipes that lived in the Bodanka and paired with Dank Dust. His partnership enabled us to build out more content around Dank Dust and it’s home in the bodega.

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