25 Years of Elysian Brewing

The project began in 2020 with a challenge: How do we celebrate 25 years of Elysian’s history, during a time when the brewery is closed to the public and in-person events aren’t an option?


Special Projects
Logo & Identity
Label Design
Project Management
Custom Packaging
Zine Design
Video Game Development

Project Team

Site Logic Digital
Megan King Kelly
Birds & Kings
Studio Malt
Connors & Co. Events

A Big Idea for 25 Years

Over the course of a few short months, our team flushed out the idea of a wild, celebratory, out-of-the box experience for Elysian fans. The result was a 25 pack anniversary pack unlike any other. Not just beers, but things— collectibles, jokes, art, and over-the-top experiences to showcase the rich 25 year history of the brewery.

The 25th Anniversary logo is inspired by Elysian’s roots in the art and music scenes of 90’s Seattle. Our lead designer put strips of duct tape on a piece of paper, scanned it, re-scanned it, and then manipulated the results to create a design language that reflects that DIY ethos. From there, a brand mark with just the numerals XXV became the visual calling card for the whole project.

Avatar’s Biodegradable Seed Label

For Avatar, a bright and fresh Jasmine IPA, we asked ourselves “What if the label could be peeled off of the bottle, planted and watered… and grew into real flowers?”

Bikini Downhill: The Game

To honor one of Elysian’s most bizarre and locally-celebrated events, Bikini Downhill, we built a full 8-bit style video game. Players could choose a character, and race downhill, avoiding yeti monsters and collecting Elysian beers as power ups.

Comics with Peter Bagge

We collaborated with the legendary Seattle comic artist, Peter Bagge to draw a custom comic that tells a fantastical version of the origin story Elysian’s very first beer: Prometheus IPA. The 8-panel comic became the label for two beers in the box.

Expanding Brand Identity with Artist Collaborations

We collaborated with countless artists, manufacturers, and small business owners to build out meaningful collectibles that accompanied each beer.

Some of our favorites included:

+ DIY Pintwood derby car kit
+ Watermelon beer flavored candy
+ Vinyl flexidisc
+ KEXP mixtape cassette
+ Make-your-own cupcake mix
+ Melissa McCarthy-approved snake in a can

Right Bee Cider

Cloudless Hard Seltzer