Cloudless Hard Seltzer

Cloudless Hard Seltzer is inspired by sunshine and good vibes. The brand and product is a partnership between 3 Sheeps Brewing and our team at Stout Collective, created from scratch and launched in early 2020. Crafted with care in Sheboygan, WI.


Creative Direction
Brand & Product Naming
Brand Standards
Voice & Tone
Logo & Identity Design
Label Design
Secondary Packaging Design
Sales Assets Design
Distributor Requests
Photography & Content
Website Design

Identity & Logo Design for Hard Seltzer


With the perfect summer day in mind, we imagined and then executed the entire brand identity for Cloudless. We wanted the product to feel wispy and light-hearted, with real fruit flavors popping on each can. Brewed and canned by our friends at 3 Sheeps Brewing, we wanted the brand to nod to Wisconsin; fresh air, pure water, and clear skies.

Brand Strategy Process

The creative team began the process with a completely blank slate. Minds in a room for ideation, concepts, and a naming workshop then progressed to developing logo concepts, packaging, brand voice, and sales and distribution assets. The final step for the brand was establishing the direction and creative content for web and social media.


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