Corporate Ladder Brewing Company

Corporate Ladder came to us at a crossroads in their time as a brewery. They were considering a significant expansion and had carved out a devout following of fans throughout Florida and the southeast — but they knew their brand lacked consistency and definition. Our project with them began with strategy sessions to establish their brand archetype and then went into redesigning their logo and label design system.


Design Audit
Logo Design
Label Design

Establishing a Brand Archetype

After hearing more about Corporate Ladder’s values and goals, we quickly began honing in on their Brand Archetype. It was clear they had a well thought-out and idealistic vision for the company — anchored this idea of the “anti” corporate ladder. We landed on the Dreamer / Provocateur archetypes for them, each guiding the way in which the brand speaks, looks, and makes decisions.

Corporate Ladder Brewing is a menagerie of possibility. A place for people who are both chasing and living their dreams, the brand doesn’t stop there — its commitment to positivity spreads like ice cream on oven-fresh pie.

It’s not escapism when you bring a piece out with you.

Dreaming Up a New Logo Identity

With the Dreamer in mind, we began exploring visual directions for the logo refresh, collaborating on different ways to interpret this new identity of Corporate Ladder. From sci-fi posters to vintage apothecary signage, our design team dug into a bunch of concepts and began putting pen to paper. Each icon had its own merit, but there was something decided on a hand-drawn sketch direction with a broken ladder being whisked away in the wind.

Collage-Inspired Label Design System

Once we had established the logo mark with the simplistic “wishing ladder” we knew their was room for the Provocateur side of the brand personality to come through with the label system. The system needed exist “after Stout” — the Corporate Ladder creative team would be executing the vision after the project — so we knew it should lean into their wheelhouse of heavy photo use.

Together we honed in on a clever collage style art direction for the labels where real vintage photos are manipulated in a way that nods to the beer name.

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