3 Sheeps Brewing Company

We’ve worked closely with 3 Sheeps for half a decade on strategy, marketing, and design projects to help establish a brand that stands “for everything Wisconsin.”

Backed By Stout since 2015.


Brand Strategy
Project Management
Logo & Identity Design
Packaging Design
Merch Design


When we began working together in 2015, 3 Sheeps was a tiny brewery in the back of someone else’s bar. But owner/brewer Grant Pauly had big aspirations — and he knew his aggressive growth strategy had to start with a hard look at their branding and design.

Together with Jack Muldowney, we tore everything down to the studs and built up an intentional brand that reflected the kind of beer they made, without losing sight of the whole sheep thing. Something that felt at true to their Wisconsin roots, with an elegance that spoke to the quality of their beer, and the tiniest wink to reflect their cheeky spirit.

Brand Strategy

Since then, we’ve acted as 3 Sheeps’ marketing and design department for hire, establishing strategies for social media, event planning, and more, while advising the brewery on messaging, design and brand decisions.

Packaging Design

Their packaging design continues to evolve; we grow and refine flagships established 8 years ago, build guidelines around one-time-only taproom releases, stretch the many layers of their barrel aged program and explore new opportunities for distributed beer.

In 2022 we completed a secondary packaging overhaul, in tandem with our friend Matt Erickson, to create a visual coherence on the shelf, focused on an eye-catching, adaptable structure.

In It For The Long Haul: 3 Sheeps is “Backed By Stout”

Together we’ve designed over 100 labels, and countless brand assets, posters, t-shirts, hats, koozies, billboards, truck wraps, taproom signage and more. The list goes on and on and will continue to grow as we work with the 3 Sheeps team to built a brand that stands the test of time.

Over the many year we’ve worked together, 3 Sheeps has realized Grant’s original growth goals. What seemed impossible then is a reality today, and the brand is one of the top Wisconsin craft breweries today having grown dramatically since we started working together.

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