Lots of problems can be solved over lunch and a few beers. Unless the problem is what’s for lunch, in which case the answer is all of it.

Jackie Stephan

Senior Designer
Chicago, IL

Born and raised in Wisconsin, Jackie serves as our touch point for all things midwestern. She often delights the team with her bakes (salty chocolate chip cookies are a favorite, but her bread is equally beautiful and delicious). She has a deep appreciation for early mornings in her garden, spending time with her cats at home, and emo music from the early 2000s.

Jackie is a creator by nature. She is constantly in her head dreaming up something new, whether that is art or food, or a badly knitted scarf. Her desire to create started when she was quite young and eventually led her to a degree in studio and graphic art.

One of her first jobs was designing merchandise for a screen printing shop, where the products were showcased in both boutiques and larger retailers like Whole Foods. She is a talented illustrator and hand letterer, which she now puts to use with many of our client projects.

As Senior Designer at Stout she has a hand in every design that is produced by the studio. She also works closely with a team of freelancers that Stout collaborates with regularly, and her vision for this group has led to lasting, creative partnerships.

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Janice Gaa

Senior Designer