Lots of problems can be solved over lunch and a few beers. Unless the problem is what’s for lunch, in which case the answer is all of it.

Kevin Schmalandt

Client Director
Chicago, IL

As a new dad, Kevin is excited to have a legitimate outlet for his terrible (but necessary) dad jokes. He is quite literally the epitome of the phrase, “jack of all trades, master of none” and likes to think his broad range of hobbies keep his curiosity alive. Play drums in an emo cover band? Sure. Run a couple marathons? That, too.

Kevin’s former titles have included record label intern, media producer, digital marketer, and barista, making his professional skills equally as broad as his interests. He got his start in the beer industry working for a Chicago-based beverage distributor, developing marketing campaigns for local and national beer brands alike. He fell in love with beer pretty quickly, finding the boom of creativity in labels and packaging especially enticing.

Kevin is the Client Director at Stout Collective and manages client relationships, content, and our creative design process, among other things. He works in collaboration with Stout’s clients and creative teams to guide thoughtful design projects from idea to reality.

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Creative Director

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