Lots of problems can be solved over lunch and a few beers. Unless the problem is what’s for lunch, in which case the answer is all of it.

Janice Gaa

Senior Designer
Milwaukee, WI

Janice has a deep appreciation for the weird, the obscure, and the unconditional love she gets from her two dogs. Ever since childhood her passion has been creating. From spending long days illustrating (bad) comics, to sewing ugly bags to painting stacks of watercolors while listening to books on tape, she was always making something. And that hasn’t changed in the past 30 years.

Janice has turned her love for creation into a career. Splitting life between two continents, the USA and Europe, gave her unique experiences to grow her skills and refine her eye for design. She cherishes all facets and challenges of the creative industry she now thrives in.

Joining Stout has proven to be one of the best decisions in her career. Supporting the team with design and illustration, Janice loves bringing her creative eye to the beer industry and being a part of Stout’s mission to make sure you never drink a boring beer again.

Jackie Stephan

Senior Designer

Max Hauler