Lots of problems can be solved over lunch and a few beers. Unless the problem is what’s for lunch, in which case the answer is all of it.

Meredith Anderson

Brand Director
Traverse City, MI

Meredith attributes her desire to be outdoors and persistent curiosity to a very boring childhood. She enjoys growing flowers and food, exploring with her dogs, the natural world in all its dimensions, and is trying to get into sewing.

After getting started in beer through various front of house roles, Meredith moved into communications before leading an in-house Creative Department. After almost a decade working in a single brewery, she decided one just wasn’t enough and moved to Stout.

Attention to particulars and a commitment to pushing beyond the obvious solution serves Meredith’s role as Brand Director well. She enjoys identifying differentiating details, interesting stories, and unifying identities for our brewery partners. Her passion for brand building stems from the belief that focus and intentionality lead to longevity in the business, which benefits the industry, community, and most importantly, the people working to make it all happen.

Matt Tanaka

Founder & CEO

Tanya Avoundjian

Creative Director