Sideward Brewing

Branding, Label Design & Marketing Support

Sideward Brewing is a family-owned brewery, taproom, and kitchen in downtown Orlando’s Milk District.

When the brewery’s founders, a team of Orlando beer veterans, approached us we jumped at the chance to build their brand from the ground up. We looked to tattoo history, biker culture and occult imagery for inspiration, and put together a brand that felt dark with a light twist.

The brand’s icon, affectionately dubbed “Demon Cow,” serves as a jumping off point for a series of characters and illustrations whose style is dark and brutal, but content is just a little bit comical. As Sideward says, “It’s aggressive, but not so aggressive that you wouldn’t show your mom.”


The Projects

+ Logo & Identity Design
+ Label Design
+ Sales Asset Design
+ Ongoing Marketing & Design Support

Sideward Brewing.png
Sideward Brewing Can Lineup