Other Half Brewing

Brand Strategy, Social Media Support, Photography

There is no one quite like Other Half Brewing in Brooklyn, NYC. They’ve been pushing the boundaries of IPA, and expectations since the day they were opened

We were brought on board to perform an extensive brand study and visual identity audit, and pull everything together into a brand strategy they can use to guide Other Half into the future. We can’t show you the work we did, but we can show you

The Projects

+ Brand Messaging Strategy
+ Brand Style Guide
+ Social Media Support (Green City Fest)
+ Photography

OH-Stout-CaseStudy-Confidential-01 (1).png
OH-Stout-CaseStudy-Confidential-02 (1).png
OH-Stout-CaseStudy-Confidential-03 (1).png
OH-Stout-CaseStudy-Confidential-04 (1).png

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