Other Half Brewing

Brand Strategy, Creative Direction, Label Design, Social Media Management, Photography

There is no one quite like Other Half Brewing in Brooklyn, NY. They’ve been pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a brewery since the day they opened. As a result, few breweries on the planet come close to drawing the same number of die hard fans. People wait for hours outside of the brewery for an opportunity to pick up a four pack…every weekend.

Stout Collective came on board to perform an extensive brand and visual identity study. The result was a comprehensive brand strategy to guide Other Half into the future.

From there, Stout became their Creative and Design Team for hire, designing beer labels and apparel, planning social media campaigns, and directing a team of photographers, videographers, illustrators, letterers, and designers.


The Projects

+ Brand Strategy
+ Creative Direction
+ Label Design
+ Program Logo Design
+ Social Media Management
+ Photography

Leaf Creepers.jpg
Boomin and Breezin w 3 Sons.jpg
Honor System Blueberry Cherry Raspberry.jpg
Darkness Descends Vanilla.jpg
OH-Cant See Me.GIF
Emerald Glow.jpg
FleXin On 5 and 20.jpg
British Bake Off w Cloudwater and Boundary.jpg
I Was Told There Would Be Barrels w deGarde.jpg

Animation created by  Kernel

Animation created by Kernel


Photography by Julie Roesser


In Collaboration With
Jack Muldowney
Zach Harris
Anthony Walker
Peter Bender
Julie Roesser
Eric Friedensohn