Revolution Brewing Freedom Sours

We partnered with Chicago’s very own Revolution Brewing to strategize, position, and dream up a creative campaign to establish their new Freedom Session Sours beers.


Brand Messaging & Positioning
Campaign Art Direction


Campaign Execution & Content Creation: Potluck Creative

Strategy for a New Audience

Revolution initially came to us with an exciting ask: help them position a new line of beers with a non-beer drinker audience in mind. With the popularity of beer-adjacent beverage options on the rise, Revolution developed a low alcohol and easy-drinking line of sours—session sours—that were more akin to a wine drinker’s palate than your typical beer drinker. Our task was to create a playbook for their distributors, sales and marketing teams to effectively communicate what this new series was, and how it stands out in the marketplace.

We started the project like we always do—getting everyone in a room, asking a ton of questions, and beginning to suss out patterns and keywords around the Freedom Session Sours. We workshopped taglines, audience demographics, and key messages that would determine the communication plan, crafting a final deliverable – a Brand Messaging Plan that would serve as the foundation for the Freedom Session Sours.

A Visual Campaign to Promote the Thing

Once the messaging plan was finalized, we moved into the next phase of the project: how do we promote the new brand with a visual campaign?

We developed the concept of a “fruit kaleidoscope” where a mix of photography and motion graphics would showcase the real fruit used to make beer. We enlisted the help of longtime Stout friends, Potluck Creative, to execute these stunning visual elements for Revolution to use on social, OOH, and paid search media placements.

Ancillary Fermentation

Hidden Hand Brewing

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