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Buy A Stout Sweatshirt, Give Back to Chicago


100% of the proceeds from your Stout Collective sweatshirt purchase will go to supporting The Night Ministry, which works to offer housing, healthcare and human connection to members of the Chicago community struggling with poverty or homelessness.

They make a difference in the lives of thousands of young people and adults in Chicago every year, with donations going to support housing for homeless teens, young adults, and pregnant and parenting young mothers and their children, Free basic health care to individuals unable to access it elsewhere, and compassionate, nonjudgmental relationships that bring hope and change lives.

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Stout Sweatshirt

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This is our favorite sweatshirt. It’s pretty much the only thing Matt wears, so if you see him around, encourage him to at least wash the damn thing.

It says “STOUT” on it in more than one language, and your purchase helps us support The Night Ministry.