Social Media For Parce Rum

Parce Rum is a barrel aged sipping rum that challenges expectations, and they wanted a social media presence that did the same. Parce came to us because of their respect for the craft beer industry, and the parallels they saw in their tiny company to that of the scrappy upstarts of the beer world. We started by developing a social media strategy, voice and content calendar that focused on the four pillars of their brand: Award-Winning Rum, a Dedication To Today's Colombia, Social Enterprise and a Commitment To Adventure. 

From there, we started to develop photography that spoke to those pillars and helped tell the story of Parce Rum in Chicago, New York, Seattle, Texas and Colombia. 


Instagram is a very visual platform, and is perfect for a unique and visual brand. We started treating Parce as a lifestyle brand and curated photography and wrote posts that aligned the rum with the situations it should be enjoyed in. The goal was to communicate the "community" aspect of the rum and put as much distance between people's typical "cheap rum cocktail" expectations and what they would find in a bottle of Parce. 


We gave bottles to some of Chicago’s most forward-thinking mixologists and asked them to create custom cocktails. We then visited the mixologists to produce mini-photo documentaries that focused on them, their personalities, their restaurants and explained the inspiration for their cocktail. We called it "Parce Places."


Project Team
Matt Tanaka
Greg Birman (Devour City)