There are a lot of serious events in craft beer...

But sometimes it's good to just have some fun. That was the idea behind Making A Beer Run, Chicago's first fun run and beer festival. When the festival organizers first approached us, they had a name, a concept and a route... and that's about it. 

We helped establish an identity for the event, then designed a logo, poster, flyer and animated gif (pronounced "JIF" like the peanut butter), and built a website to pull it all together. 


WE Started with a logo...

We needed something light-hearted and playful that communicated the two seperate concepts of the event: running and beer. After exploring a variety of concepts with designer Nate Azark, we settled on what would come to be known as the "Running Can Man." It's fun, a bit cheesy (but not too much) and bold - exactly what the event needed. 

Add to that a strong all-caps type and a tagline to describe exactly what Making A Beer Run was, and we'd established the visual tone of the event. 


Then we built a website...

The website needed to be simple, clean and easy to navigate, with a strong preference for mobile users and a big fat arrow pointing to the "get your tickets" button. It also needed to reflect the fun-on-the-verge-of-cheesy brand we'd established in the logo design process. We turned to copywriter Steph Byce whose gem of a tagline (The faster your run, the sooner you drink) would serve as the anchor for the website's tone. From there, we built and published the website, ordered a ton of posters and flyers and started to get the word out. 

Then, when the day finally came, we ran (slowly), drank some tasty beers and enjoyed the view of Chicago's beautiful lake. 

It was a good day. 


Project Team
Matt Tanaka
Nate Azark
Stephanie Byce
Marisa Iglesias

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