New Cans For Horse Thief Hollow

Horse Thief Hollow is a brewpub on the far south side of Chicago, that's been quietly kicking out GABF and World Beer Cup gold-medal-winning beers for years. They took their sweet time, but when it came time to reach beyond their walls, they came to us for a set of 16oz cans. 

Designer, letterer and illustrator Nate Azark created a striking white-space-dominated design structure, while Kurt Mitchell, an illustrator that's been in the game since the 70's, lent his unique pen-and-ink style to create a set of illustrated characters with as much personality as the brewery itself. 

Horse Thief Hollow Beer Can Design
Little Wing
Horse Thief Hollow Beer Can Design

Project Team
Matt Tanaka
Jackie Stephan
12 Line Studio
Kurt Mitchell

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