Cellarest Beer Project

Brand Strategy, Creative Direction, Logo Design

Cellarest Beer Project is a brewery based in Asheville, NC. When someone mentions opening a brewery in a city like Asheville, it’s hard not to be skeptical…but this project is truly unique.

For one, the owner/master brewer is a well known blender in town with a reputation for making some of the best mixed fermentation beer. He’s taken that idea and pushed it even further, opening a brewery where every beer will be aged in wood, with custom built wooden fermenters and yeast harvested by hand from the wilds of Asheville.

Stout Collective partnered with Cellarest for brand positioning and logo and identity design. We found inspiration in the tension that making this kind of beer takes: somewhere between letting nature run wild, and gently harnessing it in interesting directions. In looking for iconography to represent that tension, we settled on a stump with a flower growing from it - new life from old.

The Projects

+ Brand Strategy
+ Creative Direction
+ Logo Design