BeerHoptacular is the Grand Daddy of Chicago craft beer fests...

So when Lou Dog Events inherited the festival after it had taken a year off, they approached us for a rebrand and marketing strategy that would get the word out, get people excited and sell tickets.

We started by defining a voice that would set BeerHoptacular apart from the other hundreds of beer fests in Chicago. 



The keyword for BeerHoptacular’s tone is “attitude.” The voice is snarky, smart and fun, with a persona based on the barrel-holding logo dude insulting you but like, in a way that only a friend can. With a wink and a smile. Everything should be fast, exciting and fun. We like short sentences. We like lists. We like things just a little bit rude. We’re into punk rock and 70’s hip hop but we can get down on some vintage Pointer Sister tracks too. When the mood is right. 

The voice is also confident - we refer to BeerHoptacular as the “original craft beer fest.” It’s not a newcomer, it’s been around for a while, and now it’s back to reclaim its throne as the most important beer fest of the year.


Then we used the voice to inform our design...

After defining how we were going to address our audience, we set to work creating content that would communicate BeerHoptacular's unique attitude and get people excited about the event. What resulted was a brand identity that retained the "Barrel Dude" of the original logo, but injected some of the attitude it so baddy needed. 


Then we built a website with a lot of pretty pictures...

Lastly, we put together a website that featured a lot of pictures of people having fun, and drinking tasty beers. Then we launched a blog writing and social media campaign to get the word out and sell some tickets. 


Project Team
Matt Tanaka
Skalawag Productions
Jackie Stephan

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